Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Whole Family

Welcome back!

Well, I am an idiot. I cannot figure out wordpress at all. So, I am going to just keep writing here until I can find a professional to fix things for me. I can barely post a picture here on blogger with having a nervous breakdown..I will never figure it out over there without some serious intervention.

Above is one of my favorite days. I did not have a picture of all of us that included my oldest son and my littlest one. On Thanksgiving, on the spur of the moment, I told everyone to find a black or gray shirt and some jeans and get in the car. No one complained at all...hahahahaha... We found an open field and had Michaela's boyfriend snap about a hundred pictures until two people melted into a puddle of tears and we had to call it a day. I was so happy with the results. All of my kiddies in one picture...JOY.

It is hard when your kids start leaving home to get them all together for things like this. Stephen was only home for a few days all year so we were so blessed to catch him in the picture.

So, I am back to the blogging. Greg's mom passed away this fall so that kind of put a wrinkle in November and I was also working really hard on Willow House all through the fall so we could get a little bit ahead. Now, that Willow House has closed its home decor division, I am decided to not continue on with the jewelry division, but instead focus on my writing/speaking engagements and continue mentoring to young moms.

So, I hope I still have some followers and if a few are still here, thank you!


elsies7gifts said...

Welcome back to you too! I look forward to reading your posts. And what a great photo of a wonderful family!

our 6 pack said...

So happy your back I love your blog!!!!

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