Recipes and Irony

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My adventures today merely involved the kitchen. Not too adventurous, I'm afraid. But, I thought I would share the recipes anyway because they were good!

For lunch, I had this avocado chicken salad. I made it yesterday and added mustard and dill pickles because I am adventurous, remember? I let it sit (in the fridge, of course! I am not that adventurous!) and it was yummy!

I spent the morning making my family orange chicken for valentine dinner. It smells delicious. I have to admit that Panda Express would have been infinitely easier but much, much more expensive for a family this size...I made this whole meal for under 10 dollars and that includes fried rice. It would have cost me at least $40 at the panda...and some kids would have been sharing.

I have to share with you a funny, in a dark, weird, sort of head scratching way.
I went away from my family for a 9 day trip to visit my parents in another state. I took the baby with me. Greg worked at home and did my stuff while I was gone.

Greg, strangely, has NEVER read my blog. Wouldn't know the address if you asked him and is not on facebook. He doesn't know my online life or what the topic of my blog has been since 2008.

The morning after I returned from my trip. We were having a nice cup of coffee in the kitchen and he looked at me and said, "you know, I could help you with some sort of housework schedule if it would help you." HUH?

Now know I love irony. But, honestly, that is going a little too far.

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