Thanksgiving Cleaning List

Sunday, November 14, 2010

~Declutter sister did this for me a couple of weeks ago. :)
~Rearrange and organize baking sister also did this for me. :)
~Wash all serving Thanksgiving serving dishes and glasses.
~Wash down all cabinets and counters.
~Clean out fridge....I didn't say we had to like the jobs, did I?
~Sweep and mop the floor
~Wash dish towels, pot holders and rugs.

~Clean up all clutter and throw it away.
~Dust all surfaces.
~Vacuum upholstery and floors.
~Get out winter items...lap blankets, etc.
~Clean out fireplace...ick, another yuck job~consider paying any kid who will do it:)

~Declutter countertops
~Freshen decor and clean any shelves or cabinets.
~Scrub bathtub, toilet, sink and floors.
~Wash rugs and towels.
~Put a scented candle, fresh soap, and clean towels out.

~Sweep porch.
~Put out Thanksgiving or Autumn wreath and decor.
~Declutter entryway.
~Decorate with seasonal items.
~Sweep and mop floors.

**Find a spot to redorate with fall decor. Kitchen table, coffee table, sideboard, entry, front door, etc. Add some fall fun, light some candles, get a good book and sit down and enjoy your nice clean house!

1 comment:

Heather Wilds said...

I'll post pics this week of my progress over the weekend. Miss you oodles...

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